Inertia in writing is seen as a constant for some doctors. Certainly, not all practitioners have this ability and passion, and on the other hand, there are no formal requirements in this regard either.ED
For physicians in training (residents, specialists) or for university teachers or scientific researchers, the publication of papers – representing original studies, case presentations or reviews – is essential for their professional development.
Unfortunately, in many areas, medical research is little encouraged by authorities, the main reason being the lack of funds.
In this context, I would like to present, in the following, a letter addressed to me by a resident doctor, who has taken his work seriously and who still has the enthusiasm to improve and the belief he will be able to become a better professionist, not using devious ways and unprincipled “aid”.

Dear Editor-in-Chief of the journal “”,
I’m sending you this e-mail to ask if there’s a chance to publish an article in “”.
I’m a resident physician in Medical Oncology in my first year of residency. In the distribution of hospitals, I chose the “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu” Institute of Oncology, Bucharest. So far, I have not worked there, because I started compulsory with a 9-month internship at the Colentina Clinical Hospital.
I mention that during the faculty I wrote a few articles which were published in the journals “Infecţ” and “”, most of them with topics on infectious diseases, microbiology and public health. These are­as have passioned me through the faculty, thinking to choose as a specialty laboratory medicine, clinical microbiology or epidemiology. But as the moment of choice was approaching, I decided not to give up the clinical part and chose medical oncology, a specialty in which I can cultivate my human-medical part in dealing with patients, and I would also be able to work in the field of research in the future.
I attach my resume, which includes a list of published articles and presentations at congresses. I subscribed to the journal “”, I read the last issue and browsed some older numbers. 
After the experience gained by writing for “Infecţ” and “”, I thought I might start writing something on my current field of expertise.
I am currently working on a case-type article for the “Romanian Journal of Rheumatology”, about a syndrome overlap with systemic lupus erythematosus and scleroderma. In the current internship at the internal medicine department of Colentina Clinical Hospital, I see many patients with rheumatic pathologies. I was given this opportunity to publish a case, and I was delighted.

I think this approach gives us hope for a better future.