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Reviste / / Ediţia 1/2020

Trombofilia ereditară şi complicaţiile obstetricale mediate de placentă

De Monica Mihaela Cîrstoiu, Octavian Munteanu, Oana Bodean, Luciana Arsene, Diana Voicu, Florina Păuleț

Introduction Thrombophilias have been linked in many studies to adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preeclampsia, placental abruption, fetal growth restriction, stillbirth, thrombosis and recurrent pregnancy loss (1) . The hypercoagulable state in pregnancy is normal, but it increases the risk of thrombotic complications in patients with inherited thrombophilias....

13 martie 2020

Reviste / / Ediţia 24 (2)/2019

Impactul bolii renale cronice în sarcină asupra mamei şi fătului. Prezentare de două cazuri şi review al literaturii

De Monica Mihaela Cîrstoiu, Octavian Munteanu, Sorin Vasilescu, Luciana Grozavu-Arsene

Introduction Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is not as uncommon as thought, even though it compromises fertility, as most of the patients on dialysis suffer from amenorrhea or have anovulatory cycles (1) . The incidence of renal disease in women in their reproductive years is approximately 3% (2) . It has been suggested that early-stage CKD (stages 1-2) is present in 3:100...

21 mai 2019

Reviste / / Ediţia 21 (3)/2018

Evaluarea clinică şi ecografică a feţilor şi a anexelor fetale la gravidele cu trombofilii ereditare

De Monica Mihaela Cîrstoiu, Octavian Munteanu, Luciana Arsene, Diana Voicu

Introduction Thrombophilia holds an important role in obstetrical complication. Maternal thrombophilia increases the risk of adverse pregnancy outcome. According to current data, there is an extensive literature debate regarding the coagulation disorder in pregnant patients, that may lead to various complications and increase the morbidity and mortality of both mother and...

28 septembrie 2018