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Reviste / / Ediţia 4/2019

Vitamina A în sarcină

De Mona Elena Zvâncă, Aida Petca, Mihaela Boț, Răzvan Petca, Adriana Tecuci, Andreea Borislavschi, Ana Maria Plopan, Mădălina Georgeta Sighencea

Introduction Vitamin A is an essential nutrient and a fat-soluble vitamin which performs a lot of systemic functions. Adequate vitamin A is required for erythrocyte production, tissue differentiation, normal development of bones and teeth, immune competence, reproduction, proper gastrointestinal activity and vision. It also has an important role during the embryonic...

12 decembrie 2019

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Diagnosticul precoce al sarcinii ovariene – prezentare de caz

De Aida Petca, Mihaela Boț, C. Oprescu, Răzvan Petca, Nicoleta Măru, Florica Şandru, Mihai Cristian Dumitraşcu

Introduction Ovarian ectopic pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy with an estimated prevalence between 1:7000 and 1:70,000, representing 3% of all ectopic cases (1) . The symptoms mimic those of ectopic tubal pregnancy and can be difficult to differentiate only on the basis of the ultrasound image and on the clinical and paraclinical examination. The...

12 decembrie 2019

Reviste / / Ediţia 25 (3)/2019

Sarcina depăşită cronologic – riscuri şi management

De I. Pacu, Mona Elena Zvâncă, Aida Petca, Mihaela Boț, Răzvan Petca, Andreea Borislavschi, Claudia Mehedinţu

Introduction The gestational age which falls between 37 weeks, 0 days and 41 weeks, 0 days is considered to be a term pregnancy (1) . According to the National Health Organization, postterm pregnancy is defined as having a gestational age over 42 weeks (over 294 days), beginning on the first day of the last menstrual cycle, and occurs in 1.5-10% of the total number of...

20 septembrie 2019