Cîrstoiu Monica Mihaela

Reviste / Ginecologia.ro / Ediţia 1/2020

Trombofilia ereditară şi complicaţiile obstetricale mediate de placentă

De Monica Mihaela Cîrstoiu, Octavian Munteanu, Oana Bodean, Luciana Arsene, Diana Voicu, Florina Păuleț

Introduction Thrombophilias have been linked in many studies to adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preeclampsia, placental abruption, fetal growth restriction, stillbirth, thrombosis and recurrent pregnancy loss (1) . The hypercoagulable state in pregnancy is normal, but it increases the risk of thrombotic complications in patients with inherited thrombophilias....

13 martie 2020

Reviste / Obstetrica şi Ginecologia / Ediţia 4/2019

Experienţa noastră în gestionarea sarcinii la adolescenţi

De Monica Mihaela Cîrstoiu, Octavian Munteanu, Ana Uzunov

Introduction Pregnancy in adolescents represents a concerning global issue due to an increasing number of cases. World Health Organization (WHO) defines adolescent pregnancy as pregnancy in women aged 10-19 years old, while pregnant women between 10 and 14 years old are termed as younger adolescents (1,2) . It is well known that Romania has one of the highest numbers of births...

17 decembrie 2019

Reviste / Ginecologia.ro / Ediţia 4/2019

Constatări ultrasonografice ale hipotiroidismului în timpul sarcinii

De Monica Mihaela Cîrstoiu, Alexandru Baroş, Florina Păuleț, Crenguţa Şerboiu

Introduction In iodine-replete areas (Figure 1), the prevalence of spontaneous hypothyroidism is between 1% and 2% (about 10 times more common in women than in men) (3) . The epidemiological data suggest that the children of women with low levels of free T4 may have psychoneurological deficits (4) (Table 1). In classic areas of iodine deficiency, a similar range of deficits in...

12 decembrie 2019