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Reviste / ORL.ro / Ediţia 1/2020

Tratamentul chirurgical al hemangioamelor cervico-faciale la copil – unde, când şi cum?

De Daniela Vrînceanu, Bogdan Dorobăț, Mihai Dumitru

Introduction Hemangiomas are some of the most common benign tumors in pediatric population, with an incidence of 3% at birth and reaching 10% till the age of 1 year old (1) . Head and neck location represents 60% of the cases with hemangioma. There is a general female predominance (2) . During their evolution, it is described a proliferative stage of up to 18 months followed by...

06 martie 2020

Reviste / ORL.ro / Ediţia 45 (4)/2019

Tumorile prelungirii faringiene a glandei parotide. Comentarii pe marginea unui caz clinic de hemangiom recidivant

De Daniela Vrînceanu, Bogdan Bănică, Mihai Dumitru

Introduction The parotid lodge is open to its deep face through a slot facing the lateral wall of the pharynx. Through this slot, an extension of the deep lobe of the parotid gland enters through the lateral wall of the pharynx, also representing a path of extension of the pathology as tumors and suppurations from the parotid lodge to the maxillo-pharyngeal space (1) . Thus, a...

13 decembrie 2019

Reviste / ORL.ro / Ediţia 45 (4)/2019

Dificultăţi terapeutice în carcinomul de cantus medial

De Daniela Vrînceanu, Maria Sajin, Adriana Nica, Mihai Ghiță, Mihai Dumitru, Anamaria Oproiu

Introduction Basal cell carcinoma (CBC) is the most common skin cancer of the eyelid, being most commonly located on the lower eyelid and on the medial canthus (1) . In the group of the cutaneous carcinomas of the face, basal cell carcinomas are most commonly found in the upper two thirds of the face, while in the lower third we find squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) more...

13 decembrie 2019