Vlădăreanu Radu

Reviste / Ginecologia.ro / Ediţia 1/2020

Endometriosis – diagnosis and management

De Prof. Dr. Radu Vlădăreanu

The first issue of the Ginecologia.ro jour­nal in 2020 addresses mainly a pathology with multiple health and social implications – endometriosis. The first article in the gynecology section represents a review focusing on the data available regarding endometriosis biomarkers found in plasma, urine, peritoneum and endometrium, and on their role in noninvasive diagnosis....

13 martie 2020

Reviste / Ginecologia.ro / Ediţia 4/2019

High-risk pregnancy – diagnosis and treatment

De Prof. Dr. Radu Vlădăreanu

Our journal last edition of this year focuses on a series of papers regarding high-risk pregnancies and their management. The first article brings forward a less discussed domain, the vitamin A deficiency in pregnancy, which is the main cause for child morbidity and mortality in the developing world. As a conclusion, vitamin A supplementation is necessary in all pregnancies from endemic...

12 decembrie 2019

Reviste / Ginecologia.ro / Ediţia 25 (3)/2019

Pregnancy-associated pathology

De Prof. Dr. Radu Vlădăreanu

This edition of our journal brings forward a series of pregnancy-associated medical conditions and their particular diagnosis and management. To begin, we report an interesting case of a minor woman diagnosed with stage II Hodgkin nodular sclerosis lymphoma at 30 weeks of pregnancy. The particularity of such a case derives from the fact that specific oncologic treatment (chemotherapy) is...

20 septembrie 2019