World Cancer Day, the UICC initiative (Union for International Cancer Control), wants to bring together the entire population of the globe in the fight against cancer under the stimulus slogan: “We can, I can.”
Cancer is a real scourge and involves, for prevention, screening and treatment by a number of specialists, if not all specialists in various medical fields and beyond.
UICC believes that the unification of all efforts of these specialists, supported by their governments and the majority of the population capable of action, may prevent cancer preventable deaths that are currently 8.2 million worldwide (first cause of death). Four million of these deaths are premature, affecting people aged between 30 and 69 years old.
Forecasts on cancer incidence and mortality show a continuous growth until 2025.
World Cancer Day is an important opportunity to spread awareness on cancer issues through mass media. 
World Cancer Day program provides many community and individual activities. The first possibility for action in the field is to have access to specialists and to provide decision makers to determine the measures of prevention, early detection, and access to appropriate therapy. Last, but not least important is the quality of life of these patients, and changing their perception on cancerous disease, that is still treated as a taboo subject.