After the long-awaited expectations for meeting the decision-making forum of the Romanian Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology Society (SRROM), we received the favorable decision for the scientific support of our journal together with the National Society of Medical Oncology (SNOMR).

The first sentence on the SRRO website is the following: “It is a nonprofit, apolitical professional association. The Romanian Society for Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology may be affiliated to other professional societies in consultation with the general assembly and the decision of the governing office by simple majority of votes”. 

In this context, many medical oncologists in Romania consider that SRROM can be affiliated with the National Socie­ty of Medical Oncology from Romania; despite some divergent opi­nions, the common ideal is to treat best the oncological patients. All members of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) from the two societies must also take into account the fact that ESMO considers the medical oncology a specialty self-contained which cannot be practiced at the same time with another specialty such as radiotherapy. Most European countries have joined this approach to medical oncology, especially when this specialty has been recognized as such by the Council of Europe. Of course, however, this is a problem of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in each countries of Europe. 

Leaving aside these European realities and trends, which are partly implemented in Romania, as editor-in-chief of journal, I feel honored with the decision of my colleagues from Cluj-Napoca to collaborate with us. And I hope this collaboration will be real. In this respect, I expect articles from my colleagues from SRROM that can be: reviews, case presentations, original works, editorials, and letters to the editor. 

I believe that, if we have a good communication, what has not been so far, and if we work together, the journal will become of all medical oncologists and of all radiotherapists in Romania, and we will be able to increase its value in the international scientific hierarchy, where the first the step was done two years ago.

We will help our SNOMR and SRROM societies to publish the scientific abstracts of their congresses in our journal.

In all these approaches, we also appreciate the support of our hematologist colleague Professor Ana-Maria Vlădăreanu, who joined the editorial board of the journal, and I invite other colleagues from Cluj-Napoca to join our editorial board.