Publishing in scientific journals is one of the most important means for the dissemination of research outputs. Peer-reviewed work published in high-quality journals advances science and medicine, particularly when the research is published open access.

In this respect, our journal meets all the conditions for the assertion of doctors in training for oncology of solid tumors and haematological malignancies.

Publishing is especially helpful at the dissertation stage because the candidate will get useful feedback and establish a sense of engagement with scholars in the field. It will become clear what argu­ments other scholars find compelling, and what arguments need more work. Publishing in the dissertation stage also helps authors  establish a scholarly identity. 

Case reports are very important for those who are in training and for practitioners with experience, because valuable resources of unusual information may lead to new research and advances in clinical practice. Many journals (and our journal, too)  and medical databases recognize the time-honored importance of case reports as a valuable source of new ideas and information in clinical medicine. 

As a PhD student, publishing requires writing up his/her own research and submitting it to one of the specialised journals in the field. It is only when the  article has been accepted by a speciali­sed journal that the PhD student can cele­brate his work being successfully published! The competition for academic positions is fierce, and publishing is used to select those students who stand out and separate them from the rest. 

Our journal, which has a peer review reali­zed by highly qualified specialists, could be a veritable school for young doctors who want to get started in the “art” of publications.

Another kind of publication are the systemic reviews, which are often seen as the pinnacle of evidence in healthcare. For practitioners with broad experience, for researchers and professors, this type of publication can be a challenge.

Of course, the original works are very valuable and, if the existing conditions in the clinics from Romania allow to perform such works, we will be honored to publish them.